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Gods Green Crack (AAAA+)

Also known as GGCGod’s Green Crack is a grower’s dream cross. Famous breeders Jordan of the Island took perfection and perfected it. Is that even possible? That’s not the point; what matters is the beautiful little strain they’ve produced.

They say opposites attract, and in this case, it’s nothing but the truth. GGC is the offspring of God Bud and Green Crack, two opposites. God Bud is fall flat on your face type Indica, while Green Crack is as refreshing of a Sativa as they come. Combinations like these don’t always pan out, but GGC is an optimal blend of yin and yang.

God’s Green Crack’s appearance leans closer to its Indica lineage with denser nugs than most hybrids. The buds are a dark shade of green, with a purple hue in some variations. A blanket of trichomes covers the nug like snow on a Christmas tree.

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