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Atlantic Cannabis is a proudly Canadian company which delivers convenient, affordable, and high quality medicinal marijuana products to its customers. We are an online dispensary based in New Brunswick and opening its doors to all of Canada to mail order marijuana through Xpresspost.
Atlantic Cannabis is the place to buy weed online!

Peach Kush (AAA+) $150.00$900.00
Blue Cheese (AAA+) $145.00$900.00
Blackwater OG (AAAA+) $200.00$1,100.00
Chemo Kush (AAAA+) $220.00 $200.00
Mimosa (AAAA+) $600.00 $550.00
Grape Diamond (AAAA) $180.00$575.00
Cherry Diesel (AAA+) $500.00 $475.00
Zombie Kush (AAA+) $550.00 $525.00
2oz Mix n Match AAA+ $300.00 $269.00
Zombie Kush (AAA+) $550.00 $525.00


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